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You can sell the loan or we can either way you earn the same

More referral options and more lenders than any packager

Promise gives you

  • The largest panel of second charge lenders, including BTL, in the market.
  • Interactive sourcing – Underwriters can view and help whilst you source.
  • Your own dedicated underwriter / case manager start to finish – someone you can hold accountable.
  • Choose between giving advice or let us do it for you (if you are busy just give us a name and number)
  • 30 years second charge experience to maximise your conversions
  • The most detailed case tracking in the industry – you’ll always know the detail.
  • Competitive and flexible fee structure to suit your client – you can add your own fee.

If you need support on seconds you also have a dedicated relationship manager - Just ask.

  • EXAMPLEpdf 60 second comparison quote - check if seconds is an option - Click Here
  • EXAMPLEpdf Loan Research and Declines Record for your compliance on completion - Click Here
  • EXAMPLEpdf Underwriting problem solver. Ideas to convert more of your remortgage declines. Click Here