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  • Money in 24 hours
  • Approval in principle (AIP) in minutes
  • Borrow from £1,000 to £1 million
  • No credit or income checks
  • No redemption fees
  • Excellent commissions

Case Studies

Money needed in days to secure lucrative business deal

Our client needed to raise £30000 in a few days to buy bankrupt stock which he knew he could resell quickly and make very substantial profits. To avoid fees and exit charges he offered his luxury car as security for a three month loan making the whole deal cheaper and faster than a bridging loan secured on bricks and mortar.

Loan secured on car pays tax bill

Outstanding tax is a common purpose for a loan, especially at this time of the year. The borrower had no available equity but only needed the money short term. A short term asset loan secured on his car was cheaper than a traditional bridging loan and despite there being no fees involved for the borrower, the broker still earned a 4% commission.

£1 million secured on rare painting to complete property purchase

Our introducer’s client needed short term funding to complete the purchase of a property to showcase his fine art collection. Having put in place a traditional bridging package to purchase, but with no further property equity available to borrow against, the client still required a further £1 million to complete the deal.