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Lending Against Assets - Case Study

Fine Art and Antiques

50% LTV

Boudicca Sherazade, an antique dealer from London who runs her own business buying and selling vintage goods, specialising in clothing and luggage required a small amount of cash, but needed it quickly and was uncomfortable submitting details of regular monthly income. An auction coming up in the South of France which catalogued a number of items that her clients were keen to buy meant that Boudicca needed a cash lump sum to fund her purchases before she could sell them on. Using her gold Rolex, Cartier Love Bangle and some other diamond-set jewellery she borrowed £4,600 - funds were put into her account the same day. Boudicca explained: “there’s so much ignorance out there when it comes to financial issues but I needed the money quickly so I basically lent it to myself and as soon as I was able to, I paid myself back!”

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