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Lending Against Assets - What we loan against - Jewellery

Pawn Jewellery Online, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more...

Rings - Gold and platinum diamond rings are the most popular. Our customers often get a cash loan against 3-4 rings that they own so that they can maximise their loan amount.

Earrings - Diamond earrings and gold studs are very popular items of jewellery to get a cash loan for. Quite often people send in earrings with matching necklaces or bracelets.

Necklaces - Gold belcher chains are very popular with gentlemen, while as always it is diamonds and gold for the ladies.

Bracelets - Gold bracelets are very popular items for gentlemen, and diamond and gold bracelets are popular for ladies.

£1600 loan

£1600.00 loan

Pear-shaped 2.10 carat diamond ring 18ct gold
£5000 loan

£5000.00 loan

1.5 carat, D colour, VS1 clarity, Brilliant Cut
£520 loan

£520.00 loan

Diamond bracelet 18 carat white gold
£1600 loan

£800.00 loan

Tiffany-style 18-carat white gold diamond ring
£558 loan

£558.00 loan

Cartier 18CT Gold Lacquer Earrings
£220 loan

£220.00 loan

9ct gold solid belcher chain
£1118 loan

£1118.00 loan

18ct full 6.00ct diamond necklace
£172 loan

£172.00 loan

VERSACE 18 Carat 18ct Gold & Ruby Earrings