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Specialist Non Status Business Loans

Specialist Non Status Business Loans

Are your clients unable to raise finance for their business? Tell your story to one of our experts and help them understand your enquiry:

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We have lending solutions to accommodate the following:

  • Recently established businesses with no trading accounts
  • Historic or recent arrears, CCJ’s or defaults
  • Banks requiring capital reductions or clearing of defaulted debt
  • Lending to limited companies or established sole traders/partnerships
  • Repayment of directors loans, tax bills or whatever makes sense for the business
  • Repayment terms up to 10 years so no pressure for short term solutions / exits
  • Bridging from 3 months also an option


  • Working Capital / Cash flow
  • Settlement of business debt
  • Start ups
  • Refurbishment and fitting out of premises
  • Building costs
  • Acquisition of assets or equipment
  • Tax bill

Acceptable security/conditions

  • First, second, third or fourth charge considered
  • Residential, BTL’s or commercial property considered as security
  • Can take a charge on property owned by a third party – not business owner
  • Available in England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland
  • Lower fees/set up costs than comparable bridging finance
  • Loans below £20000 can secure against assets / equipment

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