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Standard Bridging

Standard Bridging

Behind every bridging loan enquiry there is a story to be told. By understanding the whole story we can do a better job for you and your client. We therefore recommend you speak to us.

Our panel represents the whole specialist bridging market including banks and privately funded lenders. Each lender has its niches and we can accommodate FCA regulated cases, FCA second charge bridging as well as a wide range of non regulated, commercial and development scenarios. We also have exclusive products for those hard to place cases plus retained interest and longer term bridging loans.

1st and 2nd charge loans available
BTL and residential property accepted plus commercial and land
Short term capital raising – business or personal
Short term cash-flow crisis – tax bills, payroll, business opportunity
Property purchase, refurbishment and development
Buying property at auction or undervalue with a view to remortgaging

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Case Studies

Residential Bridging replaces a development loan. A broker was looking for a short term development loan for his client to purchase, refurbish and then remortgage a semi commercial property. We proposed a second charge bridging loan on the borrowers main residence at a rate of 0.95% per month which allowed him to do everything he wished faster and cheaper.

Bridging loan on agricultural field delays HRMC. This introducer had a client who was about to be forced to sell his house undervalue by HRMC to pay outstanding VAT. We obtained offers for a bridging loan on an agricultural field to keep HMRC at bay so the main residence could be marketed properly at full value.

Invoice factoring covers payroll and saves reputation. Our introducer's client had a cash flow problem and needed to raise £20K to payroll his business whilst he waited for a slow payer on a large outstanding invoice. With no equity he had limited options and not paying his staff was commercial suicide. An invoice factoring solution was proposed allowing our brokers client to borrow against his outstanding invoice and cover the temporary short fall in cash flow.

Loan secured on car pays tax bill. Outstanding tax is a common purpose for a loan, especially at this time of the year. The borrower had no available equity but only needed the money short term. A short term asset loan secured on his car was cheaper than a traditional bridging loan and despite there being no fees involved for the borrower, the broker still earned 8% commission. Click here to refer enquiries secured on assets.

Commissions are paid within 24 hours of receipt from the lender. Call us for details.